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LSP Fencing work is making a More Impressive fencing styles with quality also them fencing work was clear and perfect. By our fencing experts we providing a fencing solutions to our customers according to their needs. Many Fencing Contractors does not show them service beyond the cost, our LSP Fencing works was more likely to help even after a fencing installation. Total Fence was installed by an skilled fencers. Our skilled staff can make fencing design, install, service & finish with suitable fencing work .

Fencing Service


Our Lsp Fencing work provides you the valuable fencing service with reasonable price. our services are chain link fencing in chennai, Barbed wire fencing in chennai, security fencing in chennai. we also ready to make custom fencing work in case of demand. we present our fencing service with highly skilled fencing professionals, so our fences are guaranteed for its reliability. Our fencing designs are most adorable with selective colours also face the atmospheric changes, we are best in fencing service and maerials.

Chain Link Fencing Service

Chain link fences are mostly preferred for the domestic fencing work

Barbed Wire Fencing Service

Barbed Wire Fencing are looks hard for the trespassing animals and others.

Security Fencing Service

Security Fences makes you to feel safe inside.

Fencing Designs

We LSP Fencing work , We add privacy to your property, our fencing designs all meet your needs, we also professionally install the fencing designs that required for your property. we make the types of fencing designs with our wide variety of fencing materials.

Fencing Materials

We LSP Fencing work provides fences with the high degree of service over tamilnadu, for our fence remains stable we make with that with the fine fencing materials and accessories We have been competent to make this happen by stocking several different types of each type of fencing material by using of this our fencing work made clear.

Sell Expanded Metal Mesh Material

An typical solid widened chain link fence mesh Material

Hexagonal Mesh

Wire Mesh in the fence looks in a Hexagonal design.

wire mesh fence

An Tata iron steel is used to make this wire mesh fence

razor barbed wire mesh

An Galvanized iron steel was sharply barbed like an razor mesh material.

Square wire mesh

An square shape was formed using galvanized iron mesh material.

barbed wire mesh

An general Barbed wire mesh formed with an sharp edges.

beautiful grid wire mesh

Some of custom beautiful wire mesh are specially made for an look.

Galvanized Iron Wire

All our fence mesh are Made with TATA galvanized iron material

Fencing Contractors

We LSP Fencing Contractors , we had done Major fencing work in chennai and around other cities. Our Fencing Production Department constantly strives to assure professional fence installations. We attend many Fencing trade shows to increase our performance.We are the certified fencing Contractor for an clear fencing work.

Fencing Installation

LSP Fencing work offers premium quality fencing materials for them fencing installation. We sell all kinds of Barbed Wire Fencing, PVC, chain link, and aluminum material used for an fencing work. We specialize in high quality fence materials that we use in our own Fencing installation.


chainlink fencing in chennai

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are mostly preferred for domestic fencing work

barbed wire fencing in chennai

Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed Wire Fencing are looks hard for the trespassing animals and others.

security fencing

Security Fencing

Our Security Fences makes you to feel safe inside and happy